We know that one of the most important things for people is the health and well-being of their pets.

Therefore, for the last 20 years we have been working on Pet Select in order to develop a product range using select meat and fish made with care, to give our pets a healthy and tasty diet of excellent quality and with 100% natural ingredients.


Prepared with top-quality meat and fish and delicious fruit and vegetables full of vitamins.

Pâté with Tuna and Apple

Pâté with Beef and Pineapple

Pâté with Lamb, Fig and Vegetables

Pâté with Vegetables

Pâté with Garden Vegetables

Pâté with Turkey and Cranberries


Delicious chunks of meat and fish covered in sauce or jelly with fruit and vegetables.

Tuna and Pineapple chunks

Salmon and Papaya chunks

Turkey and Apple chunks

Beef and Fruits of the Forest chunks

Lamb, Fig and Apricot chunks


Soft textures made using only select natural ingredients of the highest quality.

Chicken Liver mousse

Chicken and Turkey mousse

Tuna Steak and Salmon mousse

Tuna Steak and Surimi mousse


Delicious cuts of tuna steak and chicken breast in sauce or jelly. 100 % natural food.

Shredded Chicken Thigh and Salmon pieces

Shredded Chicken Thigh and Liver pieces

Shredded Tuna and Prawn pieces

Shredded Chicken Breast pieces