Jealsa will expand its facilities in Boiro and will create 200 jobs.

The project, with an investment of 20 million, will form part of the growth plan of the firm, which foresees having a factory that is a world leader.

Under the name Jealsa X50, the canning group from Boiro has designed a future growth plan that foresees the increase of its sales by 20% in the horizon of 2018 and the creation of new jobs. The first step for the materialisation of this expansion project, with which the Jealsa-Rianxeira company wants to construct a factory that is a world leader, began to be cemented yesterday in the Consello da Xunta (Regional Government Council). The regional body advanced in the approval of the industrial project that will allow the company to build a robotised warehouse in the port of O Bodión, in Boiro, in front of the place where its factory now stands.

This warehouse, of twenty thousand square metres, shall have the most modern machinery, which will allow it to improve the competitiveness of the group. The facilities, which involve an investment of twenty million Euros, will multiply the efficiency of the firm at the time of tending its clients in an efficient and effective manner.

Unify the storage

With the new facilities, the company group, which currently provides employment to two thousand workers, can unify the warehouse facilities and leave a section of the factory free, which subsequently can also be used to productive labour.

After the approval of the declaration of supramunicipal impact of the works, form the Xunta Regional meeting resulted in the support that the Galician Administration provides to the canning sector of the Region as one of the principal economic engines, which it has as one of its leaders the Jealsa-Rianxeira group.

The company participates, along with Anfaco-Cecopesca, in a mixed research unit for the realisation of a factory equipped with technology that reduces the environmental impact and improves the efficiency in the productive processes. o

The creation of jobs derived from the construction of the robotised warehouse will benefit not only the town of Boiro, but also the bordering towns, since there are many families in the district of Barbanza who depend directly or indirectly on the productive activity that the Jealsa-Rianxeira Group carries out in the area.

The company of Jesús Alonso is gets a firm hold in Brazil

The Jealsa-Rianxeira group has also made a decided commitment to becoming consolidated in Brazil. As stated in its publication Alimarket, the company has, since September of last year, its own facilities in the town of Sao Gonçalo do Amarante. The activity of this factory is dedicated, basically to the preparation of sardines and tuna in order to supply the north part of the continent.

In parallel, the firm that Jesús Alonso presides over also has a production line in Río de Janeiro. It deals with the first step for the development of a more ambitious project with the aim of expanding its varied canned product range to the different areas of Brazil and having the means necessary to be present in a very powerful market. With the development of these new business initiatives, the firm will be guaranteed the increase of its capacity to supply the countries of Mercosur in optimal conditions.

The incorporation of Jealsa-Rianxeira to the Brazilian market is not new at all. For years the firm has been operating through its brand Robinson Crusoe. In fact, it has at present an important market share, which it hopes will increase with the development of these new expansion projects.

Exporting giant

The canning group appears at the head of the select group of national giants in the exporting of canned fish and seafood. Its commitment to innovation and its constant investment in research and development, with the opening of new production chains, always maintaining its headquarters in the town of Boiro, has allowed the company to maintain a line of growth in recent years. Jealsa’s vocation to support its production in Spain has also served to continue generating jobs, even in moments of economic adversity on the national level.

The wind farm division of the group has built a farm in Chile

The Jealsa-Rianxeira Group has diversified economic activity. Although its main pillar is in the food industry, with the preparation of canned food and pet food, it also has a division of wind farm projects, under the name of Trans Antartic Energía, which makes important investments that have increased in recent years. In this context, we can cite the construction of a wind farm in the Chilean region of Chiloé, with an investment of around 80 million Euros. The installation dedicated to the production of renewable energy has 36 megawatts of installed power.

The first

The company installed its first wind farm in the district of Barbanza, specifically in Monte Graiade, in the municipality of Porto do Son, in the year 2007. It deals with an installation with 20 megawatts of power. Furthermore, it participates in other farms of similar characteristics. Since then, its commitment to this type of energy has remained constant and increasing.

Source: La Voz de Galicia