Through JEALSA ENERGÍA, Jealsa develops, builds and operates renewable energy projects in Spain and Chile. The activity in our energy division is always linked to the Group’s industrial activity.

“San Pedro I” wind farm (Chile)

We first started in the energy sector in 1997. In Spain, we currently have stakes in several wind energy projects (90 MW) and in cogeneration plants (35 MW) and in the wind farm “San Pedro I” in Chile in the commune of Dalcahue (Castro-Chiloé Island) (36 MW), and we are already working on expanding this, keeping the highest social, environmental and technical standards at all times.

“Graiade” wind farm (Spain)

As a result of our interest in the environment and the maximum use of the waste generated, we have 2 companies: Conresa, an industry that produces fishmeal and fish oils and Valora Marine Ingredients, our initiative inspired by the sea and its resources, which offers products of natural origin for highly dynamic industries such as pharmaceutical, nutritional or cosmetic, among others.

To talk about Valora Marine Ingredients is to talk about sustainability. Under the Japanese Mottainai concept that seeks to rationalize and fully utilize our resources, we take advantage of 100% of the fish that arrives at our facilities, eliminating the concept of byproduct and excluding the externalities that were generated in other production processes.

Currently, all our raw materials come from sources that allow us to control traceability from fishing to the final consumer.