The Jealsa Rianxeira S.A.U. Group is an enterprise of Galicia, founded in 1958 with its central headquarters in Boiro (La Coruña – Spain), dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of Canned Seafood and Fish. In these more than 50 years of history, there have been many achievements attained by the Galician canning company. The innovation and commitment to diversification of the company are the two principal axes on which the growth of Jealsa Rianxeira is based.
Today, it is integrated by 26 companies, grouped in four areas of activity:

    • Food
    • Fishing and Services
    • Environment
    • Energy

    1) FOOD

    Canned Fish and Seafood
    Thanks to our commitment to diversification and innovation, we have become the top Spanish canning company and the second in Europe. In addition to producing our brands as Rianxeira, Escurís, Mare Aperto or Robinson Crusoe, we produce for well known distribution brands, both in Spain and internationally.

    Meal Solutions
    Customised culinary solutions, generally focussed on the hotel/restaurant industry and large catering groups. Products prepared based on tuna (hamburgers, nuggets, fillets) and other products from the sea.

    Pet Select
    During the last 20 years we have been working to develop healthy and natural pet foods. In addition to producing our brands DogSelect and CatSelect, we are manufacturers of recognised international brands.


    Sant Yago
    2 tuna boats and 1 auxiliary vessel. They operate in the Atlantic.

    Principal shareholder. 10 refrigeration chambers with capacity of storing 8,000 tons.

    *Investee Company


    Jealsa Rianxeira S.A. forms part of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF).

    ISSF is the union between industry, science and WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Its mission is to carry out sustainability initiatives based on science whose objective is to preserve the sustainability of the marine resources and the health of the long-term ecosystem. We are one of the few industries of the sector that has a water treatment plant, unique in its type, which does not involve any chemical process and allows us to treat the waste water in a way that is respectful for the environment. As a consequence of our interest in respect for the environment and using generated waste, two companies have emerged that place value on these by-products:

    Conresa: Production of FISH MEAL based on products derived from tuna processing.
    Valora: Production of FISH EXTRACT and gelatine based on products derived from tuna processing.

    4) ENERGY

    We have two co-generation plants [Boinersa and DDR] and different interests in wind farm projects.

    • Eólica de Graiade
    • Engasa – Eólica*
    • Energías Especiales de Careón*
    • Energías Especiales de Peña Armada*
    • Transantartic Energía

    *Investee Companies

    Industrial installations:

    • Boiro [A Coruña – Spain]
    • Pobra do Caramiñal [A Coruña – Spain]
    • Puerto Quetzal [Guatemala]
    • Puerto Montt [Chile]
    • Fortaleza [Brazil]

    Commercial delegations:

    • Madrid [Spain]
    • Matosinhos [Portugal]
    • Génova [Italy]
    • Santiago [Chile]
    • Fortaleza [Brazil]


    2016 Turnover: 576 million Euros
    Employment: 4,000 workers [group total]